Applied Science and Humanities Section is one of the important sections as it caters the needs of all the other sections. This Section comprises a highly qualified teaching staff with rich experience in all its disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology and English.

Almost all the Faculty members of Applied Science Section have doctorate degree to their credit and have published many research papers. Some research work has also won awards and been referred in Books and Monographs. Most of the Faculty members are the members of various learned societies in India and abroad. Some staff members were awarded national fellowships and have visited foreign countries on various prestigious assignments.

Curriculum Development, Research and preparation of study material is one of the great aspects which have always remained on top priority of the Section. Quite a good number of the members of the section are also associated with teaching in engineering college for a long time.

The members of the section have participated in National/International Conferences / Symposia and Summer Schools. Applied Science and Humanities Section is not offering any course, however it is the part of all branches of the Degree in Engineering.