The Department of Civil Engineering offers 4-year B.Tech. programme in Civil Engineering. We are committed to providing the highest quality education to our students in civil engineering and will always thrive to be at the forefront of imparting what we aim for.

In B.Tech Civil Engineering, Department offers three focus areas namely: Structural Engineering and Sustainable Materials, Smart cities, Infrastructure Development and Management. Our undergraduate curriculum is a perfect balance between theoretical requirements and practical aspects of not just the broad disciplines of civil engineering such as structure, surveying, geotechnical, transportation, and water resources engineering but also provides the management and entrepreneurial scope in its coverage. Our faculty has fundamental competencies to teach in all the above fields along with the support of our dedicated staff members. Hand-on projects, field trips and industry-academic interaction together make our students highly sought after graduates by the employers at the end of the course.

Our labs have kept pace with the changing times by way of modernizing and upgrading to suit the requirements of departmental thrust areas such as Health monitoring of structure, development of sustainable concrete, Reliability based design, Dispersion modeling and Fluvial Hydraulics, Pavement management system and road safety auditing, computational geotechnical modeling.