Control System Laboratory

Welcome to the Control System Laboratory, an integral component of our B.Tech program, where theoretical concepts of control systems come to life through hands-on experimentation. This sophisticated lab is equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources to provide students with practical insights into the principles of control engineering.


Prof. In-Charge 
Mr. Bijay Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering


Laboratory Infrastructure

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Systems: The laboratory features advanced PLC systems, allowing students to understand and implement control strategies in real-time scenarios, essential for industrial automation applications.
  • Control System Kits: Each workstation is equipped with control system kits that include components such as sensors, actuators, and controllers, enabling students to design and analyze control systems.
  • Simulation Software: The lab integrates simulation software to model and analyze the behavior of dynamic systems, providing a virtual environment for students to experiment with control strategies.

List of Experiments

  1. To study speed Torque characteristics of a) A.C. servo motor b) DC servo motor.
  2. To demonstrate simple motor driven closed loop DC position control system.
  3. To study and demonstrate simple closed loop speed control system.
  4. To study the lead, lag, lead-lag compensators and to draw their magnitude and phase plots.
  5. To study a stepper motor & to execute microprocessor or computer-based control of the same by changing number of steps, direction of rotation & speed.
  6. To implement a PID controller for temperature control of a pilot plant.
  7. To study behaviour of 1st order, 2nd order type 0, type 1 system.
  8. To study control action of light control device.
  9. To study water level control using a industrial PLC.
  10. To study motion control of a conveyor belt using a industrial PLC.