Power Electronics Laboratory

Welcome to the Power Electronics Laboratory, a hub of innovation and experimentation designed to propel our B.Tech students into the dynamic world of electrical engineering. This cutting-edge lab is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and resources, offering an immersive environment where students can explore, design, and analyze power electronic circuits and systems.


Prof. In-Charge 
Mr. Amit Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering


Laboratory Infrastructure

  • Advanced Power Electronic Devices: Our laboratory is equipped with a diverse range of power electronic devices, including power transistors, thyristors, and integrated circuits. This allows students to work with the latest technologies in the field.
  • Simulation Software: To complement practical experiments, the lab features simulation software that enables students to model and analyze power electronic circuits. This virtual environment enhances their understanding and facilitates in-depth exploration.
  • Experimental Rigs: The laboratory boasts experimental setups for various power electronics applications, such as converters, inverters, and motor drives. These setups empower students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

List of Experiments

  1. Study the Device Characteristics.
  2. Gate or Base Drive Triggering Circuit.
  3. Study Various SCR Commutation Circuits.
  4. Single Phase Controlled and Uncontrolled Rectifier.
  5. Three Phase Controlled and Uncontrolled Rectifier.
  6. Study of DC-DC Convertors.
  7. Study of Flyback Convertor.
  8. Study of Single-Phase Inverter Trainer (DC-AC).
  9. Study performance and operation of Three Phase P WM Inverter using IGBT.
  10. Study of Single Phase Cycloconverter Trainer.